Sims Next Top Model (cycle 13)
Season Run June 24, 2014 - August 14, 2014
Episodes 5
Models 12
Winner Ciera-Adeline Deleeuw-Ortiz
Runner-up(s) Yei Bau
Series Chronology
Previous Season Cycle 12
Next Season Cycle 14

Sims Next Top Model: Cycle 13, is the thirteenth season of Sims Next Top Model

This season's promotional theme is The Present by Kary Ng (吳雨霏).

International destinationsEdit

Episodes Edit

Episode 1: "The Girl Who Had A Panic Attack... Twice"Edit

Original upload dates: June 24, 2014 (part 1), June 30, 2014 (part 2)

The episode started with a generic finalist call out. So, we skipped ahead two weeks.

As usual, the girls were delivered to their home, where they quickly made themselves comfortable, with Danni showing her utter lack of architectural knowledge. At the bar, Jin A was perturbed by Ga Eun's drinking of alcohol, and was upset by her lack of regret, concluding that it was her place to make her stop (when it certainly was not). Danni and Yei connected over their difficult upbringings, and in the kitchen, Anjali greedily ate away at five plates of fruit and yoghurt, much to Eliška's dismay. When Eliška and Ciera-Adeline took the matter directly to her, Anjali suffered a panic attack, and the three went outside to calm. There, Ciera-Adeline revealed that her mother was her inspiration for modeling, Eliška revealed that she moved to the US from Prague to study, while Anjali revealed that she had been poor growing up and that she joined the show to see the real side of modeling, after shooting for her friends. Following an off-handed comment from Ciera-Adeline about diseases, Eliška became visibly saddened, but brushed off the emotion. The next day, Song-hee was also perturbed by Ga-eun's attitude, for no reason.

For the challenge, the girls were tasked with getting the perfect shot in just 5 frames. At the end of the challenge, Tyra revealed that Yei and Tamara had performed the best in the challenge, with Yei being named the winner.

Back home, Melody was upset to find several bowls of spoiled yoghurt on the dining table. Anjali entered while Melody and her friends were cleaning up, but held her tongue and allowed the girls to continue cleaning, though her constant eating left Melody irritated at her. With the others, Tamara began suffering with tics, revealing that she suffered from Tourette's syndrome, though she rarely noticed them any more.

When the Tyra Mail arrived, Anjali felt that due to having already had a shoot, the shoot was not obligatory and decided to sit it out, without realising that this was the shoot that they would be judged on. The photoshoot was an editorial shot in groups, inspired by a shot from Vogue China. Ciera-Adeline lied to guest, Loretta Jerniwsky, by telling her that Anjali was unwell before the shoot.

Group Girls
1 Danni, Eliška, Georgia, Melody
2 Ga Eun, Song Hee, Tamara, Yei
3 Ciera-Adeline, Jin A, Anjali

At home, Melody was once again upset by Anjali's behaviour, and complained to Tamara, who told her to just ignore her behaviour. Anjali had another panic attack when she realized that she had missed out on the main shoot, and Danni reveled in the unfolding drama with Yei. The next day, the girls went to panel, where it was explained by Erin Phoenix; the girls would now be called one-by-one and then told whether they were safe or not. During evaluations, Danni was told that the judges had voted for her to be given best photo, while Georgia, Jin-a and Melody landed in the bottom 4 with Anjali, for failing to impress.

With Georgia and Jin-a saved, Anjali and Melody were left in the bottom together. Despite criticism for Anjali's behaviour, it was Melody who was sent home, much to her fury, for failing to impress the judges, even with her past experience.

  • Best photo: Danni de la Fuente
  • Bottom four: Anjali Lesher, Georgia Simmons, Oh Jin A & Melody Rogan
  • Eliminated: Melody Rogan

Episode 2: "The Girl Who Has Had Enough"Edit

Original upload dates: July 13, 2014 (part 1), July 18, 2014 (part 2)

  • Quit: Anjali Lesher & Tamara Sina Sachs
  • Best photo: Eliška Veselý
  • Bottom three: Danni de la Fuente, Oh Jin A & Suk Song Hee
  • Eliminated: Suk Song Hee

Episode 3: "The Girls Go Back In Time"Edit

Original upload date: July 20, 2014

  • Best photo: Ciera-Adeline Ortiz-Deleeuw
  • Bottom three: Danni de la Fuente, Park Ga Eun & Yei Bau
  • Eliminated: Park Ga Eun

Episode 4: "The Girl Who Experiences The Future, The Cold Future"Edit

Original upload date: July 21, 2014

  • Best photo: Wang Jiangxue
  • Eliminated: Eliška Veselý, Georgia Simmons & Oh Jin A

Episode 5: "The Girl Who Becomes Sims Next Top Model - When Will Your Fave?"Edit

Original upload date: August 14, 2014

  • Best photo: Ciera-Adeline Deleeuw-Ortiz
  • Eliminated: Wang Jiangxue
  • Best Photo: Yei Bau
  • Eliminated: Danni de la Fuente
  • Top two: Ciera-Adeline Deleeuw-Ortiz & Yei Bau
  • Sims Next Top Model: Ciera-Adeline Deleeuw-Ortiz


Top 16 (Contestants eliminated in the preliminary round of the competition)

Contestant Age Height Hometown Finish Place
Abieth Taiken 16 1.75 m Sheffield, Vermont Episode 1 16-12
Alexis Sowers 18 1.86 m Cambridge, Massachusetts
Andrea Chinongo 19 1.83 m Paris, France
Natalia Nguyen 15 1.75 m SydneyAustralia
Simona Carranza 15 1.81 m Columbus, Ohio

Top 12 (Finalists)

Contestant Age Height Hometown Finish Place
Melody Rogan 21 1.84 m Chicago, Illinois Episode 1 12
Anjali Lesher 16 1.78 m Hornbrook, California Episode 2 11-10 (quit)
Tamara Sina Sachs 16 1.75 m Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Suk Song Hee 15 1.75 m Nashville, Tennessee 9
Park Ga Eun 16 1.78 m Guri, South Korea Episode 3 8
Eliška Veselý 17 1.76 m Glendale, Arizona Episode 4 7-5
Georgia Simmons 22 1.77 m SydneyAustralia
Oh Jin A 20 1.75 m Washington, District of Columbia
Wang Jiang Xue 21 1.75 m Wenzhuo, China Episode 5 4
Daniela "Danni" de la Fuente 17 1.79 m Luxemburg, Iowa 3
Yei Bau 19 1.77 m Wau, South Sudan 2
Ciera-Adeline Deleeuw-Ortiz 16 1.75 m Avalon, California 1


Contestant Age Hometown 1 2 3 4 5
Ciera-Adeline 16 Avalon, CA SAFE SAFE WIN SAFE WIN SAFE Winner
Danni 17 Luxemburg, IA WIN LOW BTM2 SAFE SAFE ELIM
Jiangxue 21 Wenzhou, CN SAFE SAFE WIN ELIM
Eliška 17 Glendale, AZ SAFE WIN SAFE ELIM
Georgia 22 Sydney, AU LOW SAFE SAFE ELIM
Jin A 20 Washington, D.C. SAFE BTM2 SAFE ELIM
Song Hee 15 Nashville, TN SAFE ELIM
Anjali 16 Hornbrook, CA BTM2 QUIT
Tamara 16 Coeur d'Alene, ID SAFE QUIT
Melody 21 Chicago, IL ELIM

Call-out OrderEdit

Tyra's Call-out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5
1 Danni Song Hee Jiangxue Eliška Jin A Yei Yei Ciera-Adeline
2 Tamara Ciera-Adeline Yei Jiangxue Ciera-Adeline Jiangxue Ciera-Adeline Yei
3 Yei Ga Eun Ga-eun Ciera-Adeline Danni Ciera-Adeline Danni
4 Melody Danni Ciera-A. Jin A Eliška Danni
5 Jin A Eliška Eliška Georgia Jiangxue
6 Song Hee Yei Georgia Yei Yei
7 Ciera-Adeline Tamara Danni Danni Georgia
8 Eliška Georgia Jin A Ga Eun
9 Georgia Jin A Song-hee
10 Ga Eun Melody Anjali
11 Anjali Anjali
     The contestant won the competition.
     The contestant received best photo.
     The contestant was eliminated from the competition.
     The contestant won the reward challenge.
     The contestant did not participate in the photo shoot.
     The contestant quit the competition.
  • In episode 1, the pool of 16 girls was reduced to 11 who moved on to the main competition. Tyra initially announced that there were 10 places, but later opened up an extra slot for Anjali as the eleventh finalist.
  • In episode 2, Anjali and Tamara both quit the competition. Later in the episode, Jiangxue was added into the cast to replace the two.

Photo shoot guideEdit

  • Episode 1 challenge: Simplistic full body shoot
  • Episode 1 photo shoots: Modelling in pairs in the Great Basin desert (casting), Portraying elegance in groups
  • Episode 2 challenge: Modelling tropical clothing in Vanuatu
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Editorial shoot with veils
  • Episode 3 challenge: Mock Garnier hair dye campaigns
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Roaring Twenties inspired beauty shoot
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Futuristic shoot with other girls in stasis