Sims Next Top Model: Battle (season 1)
Season Run Summer 2015
Episodes 14
Models 12
Winner TBA
Runner-up(s) TBA
Series Chronology

The first season of Sims Next Top Model: Battle will premiere in Summer 2015 on BrushYourCats and Sims3MovieNetwork. The series is a collaboration between the two channels, in which they must select a number of girls who previously competed on the other's Sims Next Top Model series, to come back and compete on their channel.


Each episode, the models have a photo shoot, on which they are later critiqued. In the end, the hosts of both spin-offs put one model up for elimination each. The fans then vote for who they want to stay, and the results are announced the next episode.


BrushYourCats selected five models who previously competed on Sims3MovieNetwork's show, to compete in this spin-off. Sims3MovieNetwork then chose a wildcard to compete in it.

(information stated is correct at time of contest)

Contestant Original Cycle and Placement Age Height Outcome Rank
Aberash Samara Cycle 4 (Gen 1), 2nd/3rd 25 185 cm
Amory Thomson Cycle 6 (Gen 1), 4th 21 180 cm
Cyllia Verada Cycle 6 (Gen 1), 2nd/3rd 22 178.5 cm
Kirq DeLáine Cycle 9 (Gen 1), 2nd 20 178 cm
Maral Arshakyan Cycle 1 (Gen 2), 7th/8th 22 179 cm
Quach Lan Nhung Cycle 9 (Gen 1), 5th 22 177.5 cm

Call-out orderEdit

Order Episodes
0 1
1 Elek
2 Coco
3 Jiangxue
4 Kirq
5 Maral
6 Aberash
7 Cyllia
8 Oba
9 Lan Nhung
10 Lou
11 Amory
12 Bogdana-L.