Sims Next Top Model: All-Stars... again will be the first edition of the spin-off series of the reality show Sims Next Top Model. It will include 15-16 contestants who previously appeared on the show, for a second chance to win the grand prize package.


The official cast has yet to be decided, however there are numerous girls who are being considered.

Contestant Orig. Cycle
Allie Parker Cycle 5
Altai Khan Cycle 3
Audrey Rufus Cycle 10
Brannagh Faukes Cycle 9
Brooklyn Gallow Cycle 4
Callie Tang-Muhler Cycle 10
Cerlissa Macquera Cycle 7
Chandini Roa Cycle 9
Choi Jin-yoo Cycle 11
Chrysalis Andrews Cycle 4
Destiny Dean Cycle 7
Elsa Wolf Cycle 9
Garlia Carl Cycle 4
Hannah Blake Cycle 8
Izzy Potter Cycle 5
Jenah Abrams Cycle 9
Jessica Dank Cycle 8
Lilith Pleasant Cycle 9
Louisa "Lou" Dechâteau Cycle 7
Mehriban Hutadomov Cycle 10
Melony Makus Cycle 3
Mercedes Seldom Cycle 2
Naomi Anderson Cycle 2
Parima Seeÿuha Cycle 7
Park Mi-gu Cycle 11
Quinn "Ducky" Buckon Cycle 5
Shams Abdullah Manaf Cycle 10
Sidney Kingston Cycle 8
Sie Furrlur Cycle 10
Sophie Malina Cycle 9
Tamzin Silva Cycle 1
Terrah Demalleur-Brookstone Cycle 11
Uvettah Rasputine Cycle 1
Yasmin Kuatamin Cycle 1