Sims Next Top Model「S2NTM」
Judges Rhiannon Rhys
Bonnie Contierga
Huang Huan
Kajsa Ek
Opening theme "Sugar Free" (1)
"Time" (2)
Number of episodes 4
Original network BrushYourCats
Original release 7 August 2015 – present

Sims Next Top Model「S2NTM」 is the The Sims 2 spin-off of Sims Next Top Model on the BrushYourCats network. In most aspects, it is nearly identical to the The Sims 3 version of the show.


Each season of S2NTM features a cast of around 10 contestants and about 8 episodes. In each episode, the competing models participate in challenges and photo shoots, and at the end of each episode one model is eliminated.

The first season of S2NTM implemented a scoring system. During the elimination ceremony, the models are called forward in a random order to be scored by the judges, and immediately after receiving their scores, their final score is put on the scoring chart. At the end of the night, the girl who ends up on the bottom of the chart is the one who must leave the competition.

In the second season the scores were abolished.


Judges of Sims Next
Top Model「S2NTM」
Judge Cycle
1 2
2015 2016
Host/Head Judge

Series overviewEdit

Cycle Premiere
Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination No. of
1 August 7, 2015 TBA TBA Eliminted: Sif Uilleag Rinn, Giuseppa Holland, Nia Azikiwe, Laurie Jinks, Nayeli Valenzuela
Still in the running: Andrea Magnifique Shagolaa, Ankt Baird, Deanne Azikiwe, Hanne Ek Nylund, Justina Lukauskė, Katya Vyalitsyna
11 Tunisia
2 2016 TBA TBA TBA 10 TBA

Season 1 (2015)Edit

The first season of Sims Next Top Model「S2NTM」 premièred on August 7, 2015.

The series began casting in May the same year, but filming of the show was continuinely postponed due to a busy schedule of the production team.

This season features eleven contestants all vying for the title of Sims Next Top Model.



  • A cover and three-page spread in ELLE Magazine
  • A campaign for Max Factor to run all across the US
  • $75,000
  • Two IKEA gift cards


  • Rhiannon Rhys (Host, head judge), Welsh fashion model
  • Bonnie Contierga (main judge), South African fashion model, VictoriaHannah97 alumna
  • Huang Huan (main judge), Chinese designer and perfumer
  • Kajsa Ek (main judge), Swedish singer and fashion icon
  • Jung Han-byul, Korean creative director


(in alphabetical order by last name)

  • Christie Amary
  • Lærke Østergaard


Quite a Funny LadyEdit

Upload date: August 7, 2015

The top 10 girls of S2NTM arrived at a hideous industrial site and met by judges, Swedish singer and alleged fashion icon, Kajsa Ek, and Chinese designer and perfumer, Huang Huan. After issues with the opening playing, Kajsa and Huan revealed that the girls would be doing a runway challenge. After Hanne's - and only Hanne's - performance, she is immediately declared the winner by her mother, Kajsa, not that Huan argued. The girls are then sent to their Top Model House.

At home, most girls aren't impressed. Andrea is offended by the fabric of the curtains, and Ankt points out the small bathrooms and bedrooms, though Justina is pleased, but is rebuffed by Nayeli when trying to discuss it, because of Nayeli's absolutely correct view that Justina was evil and Caucasian, and was discriminating her entire tribe by existing. Outside, Hanne and Laurie bond, not that anyone knows how, and Laurie suggests an alliance, before being reminded that CatClaw Survivor is a completely different show, coming soon. Later that night, Deanne and Giuseppa get filler scenes.

The next day, the first incredibly cryptic Rhiannon Mail arrives, and the girls learn they will be doing their first shoot. Met by Jung Han-byul at the latest hideous industrial site and attacked by terrible jokes, the girls learn that they will be doing an au naturale grey-scaled beauty shoot to expose their most raw and natural side.

At panel, Rhiannon reveals the prizes; a cover and three-page spread in ELLE Magazine, a Max Factor Campaign across the whole of the US, a $75,000 cash prize, and most incredibly, two IKEA gift cards. Giuseppa kicks off the night to mostly positive critiques, sisters Deanne and Nia also attract positive critiques, while Nayeli and Justina attract the most glowing critiques, and Justina lands the highest score of the night. During her judging, Sif attracts highly negative critiques, with most judges clearly wanting her to go. Hanne and Laurie also attract poor critiques for their pictures, but remain safe from elimination. Eventually, Andrea, the last girl to be critiqued, and Sif are called forward. Despite receiving a three from judge, Bonnie Contierga, Andrea is narrowly saved by a six from Huan, and Sif is eliminated. As she leaves, Sif reveals that she plans to become a designer-cum-nudist and that we will never see her again.

  • Challenge winner: Hanne Ek Nylund
  • Highest score: Justina Lukauskė
  • Eliminated: Sif Uilleag Rinn

Too Much PowderEdit

Upload date: August 10, 2015

After the first elimination, Deanne, Hanne, Giuseppa and Laurie engage in a discussion about their backgrounds. Deanne tells the other girls about hers and Nia's struggles back in Nigeria, where Nia was mistreated by Christian missionaries, who considered her to be devil spawn for her albinism. When Deanne talks about how if things were different, she could've married and had children by now, Giuseppa makes an off-coloured comment, and rubs the other girls the wrong way, who agree not to talk to her again. Elsewhere, Ankt and Justina discuss their placements, where Ankt expresses her displeasure for not being on top and that the judges eyes are on the top girls. Justina is annoyed by this negativity.

After a cryptic Rhiannon Mail about breaking tradition, the girls are whisked to a salon, where they are met by Huang Huan, Jung Han-byul and hairdresser, Christie Amary, who informs them that they are set to get makeovers. Most girls get simple changes, but not everyone takes to their new looks; Nayeli feels incomplete with her new short hair, Nia is unsure about her red dye due to her albinism limiting colour retention, Deanne is irritated by losing her weave due to the time and money that was invested in it, and Andrea's drastic micro-bang and pink look proves a shock to all the girls, and not just her.

At home, the girls learn that their challenge was based on their makeover shots, and that Hanne, with a score of 9, has been declared challenge winner. Nia, however, places dead last, receives a 5, and storms off upset about it. She admits to Deanne shortly after that she feels a disadvantage because of it, and that Hanne and Justina, who received high scores, can skate through with ease, while she is disadvantaged.

Arriving at yet another hideous industrial site, Jung Han-byul meets the girls to reveal that they are going to be shooting in and around the abandoned warehouse in beautiful gowns. Ankt and Giuseppa feel pleased with their performances, while Nayeli finds the experience of walking up and down the street outside tiring. The girls are then permitted to change and prepare for panel later that night.

At panel, Rhiannon calls out the name "Katya", and the girls are shocked when a completely new competitor enters the panel room. The judges reveal that she has received a makeover and competed in that weeks shoot, and enjoys a positive reception from the judges. Justina and Andrea are also positively received for their performances that week, while Nayeli is critiqued for repeating the same angle as her first week shot. Ankt's picture splits judge opinion down the middle, and Nia's awkward body language in her shot lands her the lowest score. When Hanne is called forward, she receives glowing critiques from the judges for her shot, and receives the highest score of the night as well as her challenge win. As the last girl to be judged, Giuseppa is called forward with Nia, and receives lukewarm critiques from the other judges, but a positive reception from Bonnie. Once more, the final score comes down to Huan, who questions whether or not she believes more in Giuseppa or Nia; however, she concludes that Nia is the more promising look, and scores Giuseppa a 5, leaving her with the lowest score, and eliminating her from the competition. As she leaves, an unhappy Giuseppa rants that she has been replaced by new contestant, Katya, but resolves to prove Bonnie right in the real world.

  • Challenge winner: Hanne Ek Nylund
  • Entered: Katya Vyalitsyna
  • Highest score: Hanne Ek Nylund
  • Eliminated: Giuseppa Holland


Upload date: October 2, 2015

Model Item
Andrea Black and white dress
Ankt Earrings
Deanne Necklace
Hanne Macbook
Justina Sunglasses
Katya Black and white dress
Laurie Turquoise dress
Nayeli Bouquet
Nia Radio-controlled helicopter
  • Challenge winner: Ankt Baird
  • Highest score: Andrea Magnifique Shagolaa
  • Eliminated: Laurie Jinks & Nia Azikiwe

Desert GoddessesEdit

Upload date: October 10, 2015

  • Challenge winner: Andrea Magnifique Shagolaa
  • Highest score: Katya Vyalitsyna
  • Eliminated: Nayeli Valenzuela

The Nymphs of TomorrowEdit

Upload date: January 2016

  • Challenge winner: TBA
  • First call-out: TBA
  • Eliminated: TBA

The FinaleEdit

Upload date: January 2016

  • Eliminated: TBA
  • Top two: TBA
  • Sims Next Top Model: TBA


(information stated is correct at time of contest)

Contestant Age Height Hometown Outcome
Sif Uilleag Rinn 23 177.5 cm Alexandria, Virgina (originally from Ireland) Eliminated in Episode 1
Giuseppa Holland 17 177 cm Anchorage, Alaska Eliminated in Episode 2
Laurie Jinks 16 177 cm Random Lake, Wisconsin Eliminated in Episode 3
Nia Azikiwe 19 175 cm Lincoln, Nebraska (originally from Nigeria)
Nayeli Valenzuela 23 176 cm Corpus Christi, Texas Eliminated in Episode 4
Andrea Magnifique Shagolaa 21 176 cm Utica, New York (heritage from China)
Ankt Baird 18 180 cm Sandy Springs, Georgia
Deanne Azikiwe 19 181.5 cm Lincoln, Nebraska (originally from Nigeria)
Hanne Ek Nylund 16 175 cm Santa Ana, California (originally from Sweden)
Justina Lukauskė 19 179 cm Costa Mesa, California (heritage from Lithuania)
Katerina "Katya" Ilyinichna Vyalitsyna 18 179 cm Dzerzhinsk, Russia Entered in Episode 2
  • Deanne and Nia Azikiwe are sisters.


Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Justina Hanne Andrea Katya      
2 Nayeli Andrea Ankt Ankt
3 Nia Katya Katya Andrea
4 Deanne Justina Hanne Justina
5 Giuseppa Nayeli Nayeli Deanne
6 Ankt Ankt Deanne Hanne
7 Laurie Laurie Justina Nayeli
8 Hanne Deanne Laurie
9 Andrea Nia Nia
10 Sif Giuseppa
     The contestant won the competition.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant won the weekly challenge.
  • In episode 2, Katya joined the competition.

Scoring chartEdit

Model Episode scores Total Average
1 2 3 4 5 6
Andrea 20 38 41 38 137 34.3
Ankt 25 32 37 39 133 33.3
Deanne 26 31 32 36 125 31.3
Hanne 22 39 35 31 127 31.8
Justina 28 34 29 37 128 32.0
Katya 37 36 40 113 37.7
Nayeli 27 33 33 24 117 29.6
Laurie 25 32 26 83 27.7
Nia 27 30 22 79 26.3
Giuseppa 26 29 55 27.5
Sif 19 19 19.0
     The contestant had the highest score of the week.
     The contestant had the lowest score of the week and was eliminated.
  • In episodes 1 & 6, the girls were not given challenge scores. Therefore, the maximum score was 40 as opposed to the regular 50.
  • Katya joined the competition in episode 2.

Performance chartEdit

Contestant Age Hometown 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Andrea 21 Utica, NY BTM2 HIGH WIN HIGH
Ankt 18 Sandy Springs, GA SAFE SAFE HIGH HIGH
Deanne 19 Lincoln, NE SAFE LOW LOW LOW
Hanne 16 Santa Ana, CA LOW WIN SAFE BTM2
Justina 19 Costa Mesa, CA WIN SAFE BTM3 SAFE
Katya 18 Dzerzhinsk, Russia HIGH HIGH WIN
Nayeli 23 Corpus Christi, TX HIGH SAFE SAFE ELIM
Laurie 16 Random Lake, WI SAFE SAFE ELIM
Nia 19 Lincoln, NE HIGH BTM2 ELIM
Giuseppa 17 Anchorage, AK SAFE ELIM
Sif 23 Alexandria, VA ELIM

Photo shoot guideEdit

Makeover guideEdit

Season 2 (2016)Edit

The second season of Sims Next Top Model「S2NTM」 began casting in November 2015, and will première in 2016. It will feature ten models from all around the world battling for the title of Sims Next Top Model, and a few generous prizes.

On January 2, 2016, thirty quarter-finalists were revealed, out of which only eighteen will be semi-finalists.