Sims Next Top International Model (often abbreviated SNTIM), or Sims Next Top Int'l Model, is a sister series of Sims Next Top Model. It features many similarities. One major difference, however, is that each season takes place in a new country, as opposed to the show always being based in the United States.


Each season will have 12 contestants, who will be mentored by three model mentors from the season's country. Each week, there will be a test shoot where the models will learn and try different basic things, and a campaign shoot where the teams fight to recieve various prizes such as being featured in magazines, or having their photo become a(n) (inter)national ad campaign. Each week, only one team will win. The losing team's mentors are then forced to put up one girl each for elimination. The winning team's mentor then decides which of the two girls will be forced to leave the competition. In the end, only one contestant can recieve the prize of being on the cover of a major edition of ELLE from the part of the world where her country is.

Series overview

Cycle Country Premiere
Winner Runner-ups Contestants № of
1 Th Thailand Summer 2014 TBA TBA Anong Boanchuay, Mayuree "Boo" Buankrathok, Nim Nang Chanrueandej, Pakpao "Phleng" Saiporaneesri, Kachita "Kachi" Boanchuay, Kratae Choraenthammawat, Tui Nuut, Sasithorn "Ultimecia" Ruangpeng, Aya Preecha Ajak, Dao Pheng Herman, Maladee Chankul, Park Mi-hyeong 12 Lk