Sims 3 Next Top Model
Season Run February 21, 2014
Episodes 3
Models 5
Winner La'Maus Clock
Runner-up(s) Tran Nguyen Jones (quit)
Series Chronology
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Sims 3 Next Top Model was a comedy sketch featured in the sixth episode of Sims Next Top Model: World Tour II. It was a parody of other people's versions of Sims Next Top Model. No clips were in widescreen format, the clips all had awful angles, and the text and music were at the wrong places. There were lots of misspellings, as well as smilies within the text. The five "contestants" were all parodies of real contestants from other editions of Sims Next Top Model. The host was also a parody of another host.


Contestant Age Height Nationality Rank
Yellow Shing shang 20 6'7" Chinese 5th
Belinda Lawren 35 5'13" Ethiopian 4th
Bayra Tank 40 5'10" American 3rd (Disqualified)
Tran Nguyen Jones 19 5'7" Japanese Runner-up (Quit)
La'Maus Clock 29 4'1" Dutch Winner


Contestant Age Height 1 2 3
La'Maus 29 124 cm LOW BTM2 Winner
Tran Nguyen 19 175 cm WIN HIGH Quit
Bayra 40 177.5 cm BTM2 WIN Disqualified
Belinda 35 185.5 cm HIGH ELIM
Yellow 20 201 cm ELIM


The sketch begins with the girls meeting up with the host, Andrea Sumsang, in China, as she announces they'll be having their very first photoshoot. The girls do their shoot, which has the theme "posing in a park", and then go to their home in China. Bayra is seen admiring a fountain, and Tran Nguyen and Yellow get along. Belinda starts bullying La'Maus for eating too much, which causes La'Maus to run off and cry. Bayra gets upset and yells at Belinda, who quickly apologizes, but reveals in a confessionals that she was lying.

Once Kristine finds the girls in one of the bedroom and passes out, they all stand around her and look shocked. The girls do the Gwiyomi dance before leaving for panel. At panel, Yellow is eliminated.


Call-out orderEdit

Andrea's Call-Out Order
Order Week
1 2 3
1 Tran Bayra La'Maus
2 Belinda Tran Tran
3 La'Maus La'Maus  Bayra
4 Bayra Belinda
5 Yellow
     The contestant won the competition.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant was disqualified.
     The contestant quit.

Photo shoot guideEdit

  • Week 1 photo shoot: Posing in a park
  • Week 2 photo shoot: High fashion lipstick ad
  • Week 3 photo shoot: IKEA Catalog editorals

Makeover guideEdit

  • Bayra: Helmet painted pink
  • Belinda: Shaved, remains and eyebrows dyed green
  • La'Maus: Turned into a ghost
  • Tran Nguyen: Dyed white, made curly