Road To Vogue, abbreviated RTV (previously R2V) is a reality series in which a number of aspiring models compete in various challenges to become a Vogue cover model. The series was initially created as a spin-off of Sims' Next Top Model, and the first season also acts as the seventh season of the latter, but from season two and on, Road To Vogue became an independent franchise.

The original season was formatted identically to Sims' Next Top Model and its panel of judges had all previously appeared on or been connected to that show. The second season featured three new judges, including Yachana Vazirani who later went on to host the fifteenth cycle of Sims' Next Top Model, who each got to mentor their own team. The third season casted solely for African models and took on a format combining the two previous seasons.

On September 27, 2017, the show was renewed for a fourth season scheduled to premiere in January of 2018. However, it ended up being postponed indefinitely.


Judges of Road To Vogue
Judge Season
1 2 3 4
Henric W.
Erin Phoenix
Max Farron
Alessandra Whitehead
Josefine Thiessen
Yachana Vazirani
Onyekachi Ihejirika
Aubrey Meek
Laura van Fark
Sylvia Tuilika

Series overview

Season Premiere date Winner Runner-up(s) Other contestants in order of elimination Number of
1 October 6, 2012 Denmark
Theodora Arvidan
Lou Dechâteau
Parima Seeÿuha, Kara Maradan, Cerlissa Macquera, Aimee Andrews, Sarah Jung, Destiny Dean 8 Unitedstates
New York
2 November 17, 2013 Unitedstates
Yvonne Rosa
Amber Nguyen
Benedikte Portnig
Rivanha Hawks
Serenity Dindra, Stefy Gallego, Rambha Amrith, Jacqueline Lawd, Regina Stoph, Meredith Edern, Laura Fox, Dương Thì Thầm 12 Unitedstates
New York
Mexico City
3 January 4, 2014 Djibouti
Syazwi Assa Gaila
Bijou Hennrick
Emanuelle Djamena
Hlingiwe Mbabane, Bebe Lowehisys, Filipa Brzochniewska-Kenter, Chima Reina, Zoë Nelza, Elektra Mvola Nergüi, Calypse Phiri 10 Southafrica
Cape Town
Hong Kong


Season Winner Runner-
3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
1 Theodora Arvidan Lou Dechâteau Destiny Dean Sarah Jung Aimee Andrews Cerlissa Macquera Kara Maradan Parima Seeÿuha
2 Yvonne Rosa Amber Nguyen,
Benedikte Portnig,
Rivanha Hawks
Dương Thì Thầm,
Laura Fox
Meredith Edern Regina Stoph Jacqueline Lawd,
Rambha Amrith
Stefy Gallego Serenity Dindra
3 Syazwi Assa Gaila Bijou Hennrick,
Emanuelle Djamena
Calypse Phiri Elektra Mvola Nergüi Zoë Nelza Chima Reina Filipa Brzochniewska-Kenter Bebe Lowehisys Hlingiwe Mbabane