Promotional picture and fadeout including the original 8 cast members.

Modelfication, Season 1 is, obviously, the first season of BYC show Modelfication. The show airs on Simlish Cat, instead of the main channel BrushYourCats. The cycle starts in Tokyo and the models will be staying there until the top 4, when they will be going somewhere else.


There were small castings in each state's biggest city. Out of tons of girls, 8 were chosen to compete.

Contestant Age Height Hometown Outcome
Louise Capperson 18 5'9" Charlotte, NC Disqualified in Episode 2

Ana Cashmere Porter



Los Angeles, CA

Added in Episode 2

Elsa Tema 21 5'11" Long Beach, CA
Emma Ishii 18 5'9" Green Bay, WI
Hafza Nagi 20 6' New York City, NY
Kathryn Ashton 19 5'10" Jacksonville, FL
Nadifa Róblé 22 5'10" Balitmore, MD
Seï Oro 20 6' Plano, TX
Zara Aspen 21 5'9" North Las Vegas, NV



The girls meet Jasmina, their host, in a villa in Los Angeles. There the first challenge is held, where they have to show their best poses to different assignments. In the end Seï won the challenge and her prize is a beautiful suite in their home, which she decides to share with Hafza. Jasmina then announces that the models will be going to Tokyo.

Over in Tokyo the girls are all alone at the airport, until Izabelle Asira and Alex Cassels, their coaches and co-producers, appear. Izabelle announces that they will be having their first shoots right away. 

After the shoot the girls finally go to their home and go to bed right away. The next day the girls go to a fair in a nearby park, but what they don't know is that someone is taking pictures of them. Once they come home they meet Jasmina who announces the 4 girls who are safe, aswell as the 4 girls who will have to go to the Runway of Faith.


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