Sims Next Top Model: Get Fans - Get Far, or Sims Next Top Model, Cycle 6 is the sixth cycle of BrushYourCats' S3NTM. It was decided to happen June 26th, 2012, but it has yet to be officially announced. For the first time, the audience will have control, hence the name. It will be similar to Make Me A Supermodel, where the audience votes for who stays when it's down to the bottom two. The choice of the official 9 finalists is also in the hands of the audience. 15 semis will be announced on Facebook. The audience are to like the photos of the ones they want in the cast, and share the picture of the one they want to win.

4 episodes into the competition, the audience will also get to vote among the eliminated contestants for one of them to return. This will happen a second time 7 episodes in.

It has now been revealed that this is absolute bum, and the REAL cycle 6 is All Stars. As such, this is basically a talk page.

GET IT THE FUCK RIGHT, HENRIC. Santana is going to win, nobody just knows yet. :P

QWEEEEEN JUNIKÅRN Is rroting for tha real bitch Santana. If you eliminate her i'll kill you.... Suli and Santana!!!

The irony is that the two girls mentioned above this are now eliminated.

Peeps dis shit ain't the real cycle 6. xoxo

The winner of this cycle was Raissa Khane, cuz Raissa slays. The elimination order was;

Suli Wong-th. Tyra - 10th. Santana - 9th. Suli - 7th. Monique - 6th. Darinai - 5th. Lori - 4th. Raina - 3rd. Esther - 2nd. Krista - 1. Raissa

It's funny because Raissa went 4th.


Omg I remember this I should actually do a cycle/mini-show like that once upon a time


Applications for this cycle will be opened a few episodes into cycle 5.