Erin Phoenix (née Erin Shin-Zoo, born November 21, 1990) is an American-Japanese fashion model, best known for winning the third season of Sims Next Top Model.

Early lifeEdit

Erin Phoenix was born in Tokyo, Japan. She is the daughter of Sue Shin-Zoo, a novel writer, and Herb Shin-Zoo a, mechanic. She has a brother, Conner, who is 4 years younger. Phoenix graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. In 2007, Erin had to make a decision. She could either stay in Tokyo and get a normal job, or take the biggest risk of her life and move to Los Angeles with her boyfriend to pursue a fashion career. Phoenix listened to her heart, and, by the age of 17, moved to L.A.

Sims Next Top ModelEdit

Phoenix participated as a contestant on the third season of Sims Next Top Model, and ended up as the winner of the season. Since the fifth season, she has been employed as a judge on the judging panel.

The Sims 4 EditionEdit

In the fall of 2014, Phoenix will also serve as a judge on the judging panel of the very first season of Sims Next Top Model - the The Sims 4 adaptation.

Personal lifeEdit

Phoenix had an emotional roller coaster in the year of 2012, when, during a cruise with her family, the ship sank. For four months, Phoenix had to live on an island in the middle of nowhere. Nobody heard anything from her and was really worried. After the four months passed, the media found a starving Erin Phoenix, a sick Nicole, and a lot of corpses. The event led Erin to a depression as she was now widowed, and it took her months to recover. After those months passed, Erin eventually reopened her Facebook account and continued modelling normally, and living her life.